Thursday, December 30, 2010

Stupid Christmas Songs

Santa's not "rocking out." He's just really frustrated with some 
of the  stupid songs he has to listen to.

Christmas may have passed, but there are things about the holiday that stay with you long after it's over. Like songs that get stuck in your head. Now, I love me some carols. But there are some horrible, horrible Christmas songs out there. These are a few of them...

Monday, December 27, 2010

Weekly Joy

This week: Hamilton Wesley Wigglebottom

Monday, December 20, 2010

Weekly Joy

This week: a sleeping bunny

What can I say? Bunnies make me happy.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Weekly Joy

This week: a bunny

Image source

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Attention Whores

The idea for this post started a couple of months ago, when Lady Gaga wore a meat dress to the VMAs and spoke out about Don't Ask Don't Tell. Many internet commenters were insistent that Lady Gaga is not committed to gay rights, and that the entire effort was just to get attention. The phrase "attention whore" came up a few times. This bothered me. Since then, I've paid more attention to the way that celebrity women are talked about online.

Some examples (trigger warning for misogyny and wishes of death):

I’m tired of seeing this dirty slag… can someone please inform her that her 15 minutes of fame are up?

Snooki–because the world needs another no-talent fame-hag. 
Please dear God just make it go away..please…..
On a gif of Snooki floating through space:
Shame we can’t make this happen in reality – fortunately for me I’m not in the US, but I’ve seen enough pictures of this … *ahem* woman(?) … to know she’s a waste of oxygen!

Tila Tequila
Bitch should be kept in a damn cage.
this whore isn't dead yet?

Lady Gaga

She is disgusting, a completely irrelevant object. How can anyone look up to this woman.
god someone please set her on fire
When will this attention whore fall of the radar?

Lady Gaga and Yoko Ono

"I've been a talentless fame whore for decades. Let me take your hand and show you the way."

Most of these comments are from that pit of slut-shaming and homophobia, ROFLrazzi. The last one is from Jezebel.

There is so much wrong with the phrase "attention whore" itself, not to mention the way it is used to reinforce the dismissive and eliminationist language aimed at women who dare to live publicly, that it's taken me this long to figure out how to approach the subject. First, I'll address why we shouldn't be using "whore" as an insult. Then, why we shouldn't be using "attention seeker" as an insult. Finally, I'll talk about the implications of the entire phrase, and the way we talk about celebrities.


Wanna hear a funny story?

Yesterday, I went out with some friends to a pub, had a couple of beers, as well as a lovely time.

When I got home, I was in a fabulous mood. I was singing my favourite Christmas carol, and I thought to myself, "you know what would both express my cheer and look really cool? One of those spinning flip things."

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

I have not been very involved in the Canadian politics blog-o-sphere. One blog that I do follow - and one of the first to feature me in its blogroll - is Canuck Attitude. I was shocked to read that the proprietor of that blog, Bruce McDonald, recently died, apparently taking his own life.

He designed this graphic, signifying, "no surrender" in the fight for gay rights.

My heart goes out to all those who knew Bruce. If you don't know who he is, please read Simon's tribute to him.

Weekly Joy

Ever get the feeling that life is too serious and you just don't want to deal right now?

I've decided that once a week I will post something simple that makes me happy.

This week, that thing is this tortoise:

OMG! STRAWBERRY!!!!1!1!!!!1

Thursday, December 2, 2010


French Connection's "This Is The Man/This Is The Woman" ad campaign has been around for many months now. It has bothered me right from the start. The Man in this campaign is presented as active: the copy is in all caps, and often in quotations - he speaks for himself, in an assertive voice. The Woman is passive: the copy (with standard capitalization) makes observations about her appearance. In the example above, The Man says, "DO NOT DRESS LIKE CHILD." Apparently this maxim does not apply to The Woman, of whom it is written, "The woman is not undersized. The jacket is oversized. But the effect - it is the same." The Man asserts rigid standards of masculinity, while The Woman is infantilized and objectified. 

Today I went to the mall. At French Connection was the most gratuitously sexist window display I have ever seen.