Best Of

The posts with the most hits are listed in  the sidebar, but I don't think that those are necessarily a representation of my best work. This page contains a list of the writings that I am most proud of, or found most enjoyable to write, and that I wish everyone would read (and comment on!)

An Introduction to Muslim Feminist Law Reform Efforts 
Part One
While equality ought not be denied on any ground, and certainly not on cultural grounds, neither is it possible for equality to be imposed. Equality can only be claimed. In fact, Muslim women are claiming equality, and in doing so they are challenging the framework through which human rights, the law, culture and religion, and family are currently understood. This essay examines the ways in which they do so, and the implications of those strategies.
Part Two
Part Three 

Some friends - Posh, Bang-Bang, and Champagne - are trying to get to the Monster Ball. But they're late! They'll never get there! 
"Yes you will," Gaga's voice floats reassuringly down from the fire escape. "I'll take you there."
The journey begins!

 Go Where?: Sex, Gender and Toilets
Washroom signs are very telling of the way societies construct gender. They identify the male as the universal and the female as the variation. They express expectations of gender performance. And they conflate gender with sex.
I present here for your perusal, a typology and analysis of various washroom signs.

 Go Where?: Gender and Ability, Intersectionality and Constructivism
The experiences of a disabled woman of colour do not amount to the experiences of a white able-bodied woman + an able-bodied man of colour + a white disabled man. Her experiences are those of a disabledwomanofcolour. The different aspects of her identity cannot be separated out from each other. This truth - intersectionality - is not broadly understood among the privileged; among those who experience inequality along a single axis.

 Rejecting Binaries: Men Have Curves Too
When we have so many images of photoshopped models apparently illustrating the differences between men's and women's bodies, it can be easy to forget that there is tremendous overlap between the two, and that our bodies are what we make them. Our notions of what gendered bodies ought to look like don't reflect the full range of possibilities.

Half-Monkey Half-Person: Evolution and Equality
Such conservatives are like Beck, however, in that they seem preoccupied with monkeys, and ignore the existence of our closer genetic relatives, great apes: chimpanzees, bonobos, gorillas, and orangutans. Why? My guess is that the great apes, to a far greater extent than monkeys, are more like humans than religious conservatives care to admit.