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If you're being an obvious troll, your comment will be deleted. 

Obvious trolls haven't appeared here very often, but when they do I want to get rid of them. So from now on, I will. 

Examples of obvious trolling:
  • Deliberately ignoring the context and content of a post in order to criticize. 
Example: From "A Message to Men", J. Duran writes:
Yep. Let's all just sit around and do a bunch of bitching.
  • Being outright stupid and disgusting. 
  • Perpetuating negative gender stereotypes in a way that is meant to be offensive (ie. not as part of an argument made in good faith).
  • 'Splaining in a way that is meant to be offensive and/or condescending (ie. not as part of an argument made in good faith).
Example of all three: From "Go Where?: Sex, Gender and Toilets," Anonymous writes:
I always thought that toilets were separated because men often miss piss.
Sometimes, no need pictogram on the door, you can recognize by the smell which is that for men.
And in the unisex toilet that sometimes exist, you must hold your nose and pay attention to the puddles ... in fact it is better in this case not to wear a long skirt! That is why there is a pictogram with a skirt to the toilet where you can sit without getting wet clothing.:)
Do not get angry gentlemen, I know you're not all dirty, but unfortunately, it only takes one drop to be there on the edge ...
  • Doing the, "why are you writing about this, instead of something more important" thing. 
  • Being deliberately sexist. 
Example: From "Go Where?: Gender and Ability, Intersectionality and Constructivism," Anonymous writes:
Interesting how women invest their time to fight huge injustices.
More examples may be included in this list as they arise. 


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