Monday, August 9, 2010

Call Centre Employees Don't Bother To Be Cruel To Just Anyone

Seen on PostSecret:

A post card which reads, All you customer service reps - tell the truth: do you keep us on hold just to see how much we'll take?

Truthfully: No.

When you call for help, we're basically just reading out of the user's manual, which can be difficult to navigate. When we have to ask the manager for help, they aren't always easy to find. Customer service call centres constantly grade their representatives, and one of the factors is how long the calls take to complete, so it's not in our self-interest to put you on hold that long. Honestly, we don't care about you enough to spend the time torturing you like that.

Interviewers at survey research call centres, however, will schedule a call-back during dinner time if you're rude enough to us. One guy I worked with would write down the phone numbers of the people who were especially mean (which he was not allowed to do) and would drunk-dial them at 3am.

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