Thursday, September 9, 2010

Group That Thinks Jesus' Cosmic Tears Can Wash Away The Gay =/= Legitimate Charity

Via Canuk Attitude:

Mark at Slap Upside The Head has initiated a campaign to revoke charitable status in Canada to Exodus Global Alliance. What is Exodus Global Alliance, you ask? It's a US-based "religious" group whose aim is to "cure" gay people with the power of Jesus. They think homosexuality can be "treated" with religion and what is probably a traumatic bout of "therapy". Which is all kinds of degrading and harmful to gay people. Not to mention fanciful and impossible. This group should not benefit from the full registered charity status that it currently enjoys.

To learn more, and find out what you can do, see Slap Into Action.


  1. First off, I'd like to say that I found your blog through your excellent guest post on bathroom signage over at Sociological Images, and I was incensed to see so much hate for your work in the comments over there. That said, I'm afraid I'm going to have to start up my own one-man chorus of complaint over some of the phrasing of this post.

    I'm fully in agreement with you on the harmfulness and, yes, outright stupidity of anti-gay organizations, and I'm perfectly willing to support any attempt to strip what IS essentially a hate group of charity status, but don't you think the wording "'religious' (read: hate)" is a bit overly strong? While a great many truly terrible things have been done in the name of various religions worldwide throughout history, equating all faith-based organizations with hate groups seems to me to be painting with an overly broad brush.

    Again, I'm sorry to make my first post on your blog a nitpicky complaint. I'm just a touch bothered by the implications here.

  2. ...but don't you think the wording "'religious' (read: hate)" is a bit overly strong?

    I can see why you'd by upset by that. What I meant was that they call themselves a religious group to mask the fact that they are in fact a hate group.


    Yeah, I didn't express myself successfully. I removed the parenthesis.

    Thanks for commenting. :)

  3. Oh, no, thank you. Like I said, it was a minor complaint. I'm just glad to find a feminist blog that's pro-Lady Gaga. ;)

  4. Off the topic, but what's up with Margaret Atwood and Sun News Corp.? Enquiring minds and literature lovers in the US want to know.

  5. @ Nancy Green
    Sun News Corp. wants what is being referred to as "Fox News North." I haven't actually been keeping up with the issue, but apparently the problem is the station would get some kind of preferential treatment...? Margaret Atwood signed a petition against it, and the petition was called into question because it was initiated by USians.

    Since I can't give the best explanation, I present to you: links!

    Margaret Atwood posted about it on her blog. (She has a wordpress! I'm surprised she didn't get her own domain name.)

    Here's an article from The Toronto Star on the controversy

    And what folks on my blogroll have written on the topic:
    Montreal Simon on what the big fuss is about.
    Impolitical on the Canadian Radio-television Telecommunications Commission's statement about government involvement.
    And Dr. Dawg on right-wing opposition to the petition.


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