Friday, September 2, 2011

Stupid Products That Endorse Sexism

Get ready for me complaining about "trivial" stuff. 

Okay, so this is an in-store ad, not a product. It's back-to-school time, so Loblaws is providing easy lunch box fixes, "with busy mom in mind". Because care-work is for moms only. And of course she's busy because she's the "super-mom"; the woman who can do it all, who has a job, but still does most of the child care and housekeeping herself because that's women's work. And of course, all kids have moms, none of them are raised by single dads, or other relatives, or have two dads. Nope. 

"Daughters are a Blessing / So precious to the heart / Full of laughter, Full of fun / Loved... (something I can't read)"

"Grandma / You are someone I can count on / Someone who really cares / someone who always sees the best / And has a Heart of Love to share"

So get these beloved women in your life a dish towel/oven mitt/pot holder set, covered in pink flowers and sappy verses, to show them you really care. To remind them of how much you love them as they make you a sandwich. I know I would really appreciate getting kitchen linens that look like a Hallmark store exploded on them. 

Oh look, it's a piggy bank, labeled "His Money" and "Her Money"! When you put a coin in the slot, it starts off as "His Money" and then goes directly into "Her Money"! It's funny because men work for a living and women are money grubbing bitches!

These are things that are supposed to be cute and funny, presenting stereotypes and gender norms as truths that are just taken for granted. Yeah, these are little things, but it just shows how our society is marinating in sexism. 


  1. Marissa: I stole some of your pics for a post on No Seriously What About Teh Menz, with a link back to you of course. Hope you don't mind! :)

  2. I didn't have my camera with me the day I saw those "busy moms" signs all over my local Loblaws. Thanks for documenting and posting about this. Would have loved to read Ozymandias' post also, but their blog is by invite only.

    Have shared your photo and linked back to your blog!


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