Tuesday, February 1, 2011

To My American Readers...

H.R. 3, the "No Taxpayer Funding For Abortion Act" would limit the exemption that allows federal funding of abortions for survivors of rape and incest to those whose pregnancy is the result of "an act of forcible rape or, if a minor, an act of incest." Survivors of rape are to be scrutinized and re-victimized, not helped.

Read what Sady Doyle and Nick Baumann have to say about all this.

And take action by clicking on the banner at the top of this page post.

Edit 1: And take part in the #DearJohn campaign.

Edit 2: Palaverer at Chunky Monkey Mind has done an extremely thorough job compiling links to resources and commentary on H.R.3. Check it out. 

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