Saturday, April 9, 2011

Look South To See Harper's Vision For Canada

I would like all Canadians to take a look at what's going on south of the border right now. The war on women's reproductive rights. The war on unions. The anti-environmentalism. The anti-intellectualism. The outright class warfare. Look at what Republicans are making of our neighbour.

And remember: These are the people that Harper takes his cues from. When the USA went into Iraq, Harper wanted to go in with them. When it looked like a Democrat was going to win the presidential election, the PMO tried to discredit him. When US politicians started using "socialism" as a dirty word, Harper tried to use it the same way, to make the NDP look scary. When right-wing USians got huffy about their census, he started a census controversy here. His environmental policy is explicitly "We'll do whatever the US does". He even jacks Republican campaign ads.

The Republicans that are bent on making life a soulless grind for all but the richest USians are the people that Harper admires. Like he admires George W. Bush. (And seriously, how many people still admire Bush?).

Harper wants Canada to be like the USA. So look hard at the US. Do you want that? 


  1. I lived in the US during the Bush years and rushed on back to my native Canada in 2004. This lady is speaking the truth. I witnessed the Harpo transition to all things Bush. The latest news is that the Repugs' next target is AARP--retired people because they want to cut their medicare and offer vouchers!
    As a woman, I was angry enough about the war on womens rights in US, but now the plan is to take from the poor/elderly and give to the wealthy.
    I implore all Canadians to take a long look at the crumbling US empire and stop the Harpo madness from destroying Canada.

  2. Looking South also requires Harper to create a militarized economy. The megamillions to torpedoes and stealth fighter jets; he plans to balance the budget with a militarized economy. Except it didn't work out that well for the States. So what's his game?

  3. As an American who is experiencing this terrifying (yes, terrifying) national disintegration firsthand, I have to tell you: You do not want this to happen in your country.

  4. Can't disagree with you. What we're witnessing to the south is the death twitches of a putrefying empire -- hence the decadence, delusion, corruption, massive concentration of wealth and power in the hands of a privileged few, and deliberate cultivation of racism, ignorance, and belligerent stupidity. The brain is already decomposing, but the limbs are still thrashing about. And of course the consumption and excretory processes are continuing as well.

    Apologies to the remaining knots of sentient, progressive Amerikans, but what Canada needs to do is disentangle itself -- culturally, politically, economically -- from the rotting corpse of Amerika. Just paste on a tight smile and back away slowly.

  5. I agree completely. But remember Iggy was one the chief media proponents of the Iraq war. Up there with Judy Miller and the usual Republican suspects.

    He's been sounding like a bog-standard Liberal recently, but given his background, I don't think the Liberal party is the answer.

    What really irritates me is that the Liberal party insiders decided to go recruit someone who's chief claim to fame is being an Iraq war fan. The Liberal party in now dead to me. And I consider myself a small-L liberal.

    I'm voting NDP, barring any better options.

  6. typical canadian supremecism

    i hope the queen can pay for your abortions, because thank my lucky stars im not


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