Monday, April 25, 2011

This Election is Important

I am freaking out over the possibility that Harper might win a majority. Because he is doing well in Ontario. ONTARIO WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU.

Please, please, everyone do what you can to prevent a Harper majority from happening. Talk to people about why it's important to vote and why it's important to not vote Conservative. The Conservatives are garbage on just about every issue you can think of. There are resources and information about why Harper is bad for Canada, here, here, here, here, and here. Use social media, make reasons for not voting Conservative your facebook status, tweet about is, write to newspapers, call radio stations, talk to your relatives, friends, co-workers and neighbours. If you can convince one person to vote who otherwise might not have, or if you can convince one person to not vote Conservative, that is an accomplishment.

This is going to be a very tense week. I probably won't post much until after May 2. 


  1. I'd be curious to hear your take on so-called strategic voting -- voting for Liberals rather than the NDP or Greens (or anyone else) -- as a means to keep the Conservatives out. This, of course, nullifies "splitting the vote" but it comes at the expense of professing one's true political interests and having that be represented instead, even if not elected. (I suppose I'm not exactly subtle about my distaste [or at least discomfort] for it conceptually!)

  2. I think in this election, the most important thing is to prevent a Harper majority.

    I would say, be aware of what's going on in your riding. If it's a Liberal-NDP race with the Cons far behind, or if it's a very secure seat for any party, then I see no reason why people shouldn't vote their preference.

    If it's a close race (and there were some VERY close races last election - ridings won by just 20 or so votes) then I think it's worth voting strategically.

    The thing is, not to fall for the Liberal line that voting strategically means voting for them. Know what's going on in your riding, and vote for the candidate who's best positioned to beat the Conservatives.

    We're not going to get a Liberal or NDP minority in this election. The best case is a Conservative minority with strengthened Liberals and NDP, who can form a coalition government.

    There are some websites that are trying to get Canadians to vote strategically, in a well-informed way: and

    There's also which organizes vote swapping.


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