Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Justifying Canada's new F35s: A Simile

So the Harper government is claiming that their $16 billion expenditure on shiny new jets is justified by the fact that the Liberal government of 2000 already sunk $100 million+ into developing the planes. If they don't spend $16 000 000 000, then that $100 000 000 will have gone to waste!

It's kinda like saying that because you poisoned one asshole dude, you're obliged to follow up by killing everyone in the diner and then throwing an Americana-themed dance party amid the carnage.


Actually, based on their Republican-worshiping ways, I could totally see Harper and McKay dressing up in stars and stripes, and dancing around like this.

By spending so much to buy first-run jets from Lockheed-Martin, instead of waiting for the fourth run by which time the jets would cost half as much, the Canadian government is also off-setting what the US government has spent on the project.

Harper dials the phone. "Hello, Peter? We successfully made an unnecessary contribution to upholding the military-industrial complex. Celebration in my office! Bring your star-spangled panties."


  1. Hi, I found your blog over at Feministing. I really like the things that you have to say... Thought provoking and clever... I will be following :-)
    Love, a fellow feminist friend

  2. lol. love the Gaga tie-in


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