Sunday, July 4, 2010

This IS my first post

Greetings to the Interwebs!

My name is Marissa. I have been keeping up with the feminist/progressive blogosphere for a while now (commenting as MissaA, MarissaAO, and occassionally just Marissa) and felt that it's about time I join the conversation with a blog of my own.

I decided on the name "Hysteria" as a reference to the common method of shutting down women who are upset or worked up about things, since I am a woman and will be writing about things that I get worked up about.

I am a white, able-bodied, straight, cis-gender, monogamous,  conventionally attractive female in her mid-twenties, with ADD and depression, who has money issues but will hopefully be a lawyer soon (I'm only a bar exam and licensing process away!), living in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

I will be writing about pop culture, politics, society, law, feminist issues, and my life. And Lady Gaga (all Lady Gaga posts will be clearly labeled, if you don't want to read about her, you can skip them).

Welcome to my blog!

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