Saturday, March 26, 2011

"The Harper Government" Meme!


  1. Are you sure about this?

    I'm no fan of Harper myself, but the whole "Harper Hates Women/ Is a Mysogynist" seems to be as much a product of poorly crafted propaganda as the whole "Ignatieff Is an American" shtick.

    Care to persuade me with evidence so that I may think otherwise?

  2. He is personally anti-choice.

    He scrapped national day care.

    He is allied with REAL Women of Canada - an anti-feminist puppet group.

    He closed 12 out of 16 offices of Status of Women Canada and cut $1 million in funding towards them.

    He scrapped the Court Challenges Program, which supported section 15 rights claims.

    You can find out any of this just by googling "Harper" and "Women".

    Also, Ignatieff may very well consider himself to be more of an American than a Canadian. I really don't give shit. I think he's an enormous douche-canoe. But you know what? Identifying as American is better than being opposed to women's rights.

  3. Douche-canoe is the best expression I have heard in months, and I plan to propagate its use. Thank you.


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