Friday, March 25, 2011

It's Election Time!

"The Harper Government" has fallen! Good. I'm glad they were taken down on a vote of non-confidence due to the government being in contempt of Parliament in the first time in Canadian history. Instead of being taken down on the budget. It seems like the Liberals are aggressively trying to frame the election - unlike last time. They have to make this about democracy, not economic scare tactics.

Although I'm not terribly fond of the Liberals, and I think Michael Ignatieff is an enormous douche, they aren't anti-democratic like the Conservatives.

And if the Liberals don't win this one, they had better come together with the NDP and the Bloc to form a coalition government. Most Canadians vote for a left or left-of-centre party, and it's ridiculous we don't have a left/left-of-centre government.

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  1. Agreed on all points. Cheers.

    Anon ABC

  2. It doesn't matter who wins in the election; liberal, conservative, NDP, Green. They're all the same. They support corporatism, fiat money, expansion of government and debt.

    The choices in this country are false as the populace falls for the left-right paradigm.

    What this country needs is the promotion of freedom, liberty, a non-interventionist foreign policy, free markets and sound money.

  3. I emphatically disagree that all the parties are the same. If you were to say, "the policies of the Liberals and Conservatives are too similar" I might agree with you. If you were to say, "power corrupts and all parties leave office the same way," then you might have a point.

    Does the NDP support corporatism? I kinda doubt it, since they talk about raising corporate taxes. I don't think the Liberals support debt, either, seeing as when they were in power they they eliminated the deficit (at no small cost to social programs) and thereafter had budgets with surpluses year after year. Each party may be interested in expanding government, but the areas in which government is expanded differ. The Conservatives are expanding the prison system, but cut funding to many government agencies and NGOs.

    In any case Harper's Conservatives are different from the other parties in how uniquely anti-democratic their actions have been. I recommend reading the Council of Canadians' report, "Stephen Harper's assault on democracy; and an interesting outsider's perspective in The Australian, "Canada watches its democracy erode.

    Free markets and individual liberty do not go hand in hand. Unchecked capitalism doesn't give average people more opportunities for upward mobility; it merely reifies class differences. "Sound money" means a lot of different things to different people.


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