Thursday, November 11, 2010

But You Were Right, Kanye!

So, Kanye West has said that he should not have called George W. Bush racist. Which makes me cringe in frustration. What Kanye said on the telethon was emotional and spontaneous. But not a single word of it was wrong.

One of the many things that's wrong with how USians deal with race is that they focus on whether an individual feels racist in their heart, instead of the effect of their actions. This is another example of that. Bush Jr. might personally feel that he cares about black people, but his actions in no way backed that up.


  1. If memory serves me right, West's words were actually quite instrumental in getting Bush to actually do anything, which to this very day, still wasn't enought to mitigate the worst of the diseaster.
    If Bush had the army in the state five days earlier to help evacuate the city, thousands of lives could have been saved. Tens of thousands of people would not have been displaced across the US.
    Mr West, let's be honest. Bush failed New Orleans. Fuck his feelings.

  2. I kind of understand the vague retraction. I think, to a degree, that the point was more that George Bush didn't and doesn't care about poor people.

    I find it crazy that Bush has said that being called a racist by Kanye West was the worst moment of his presidency! Is that true?? Ummm...remember that time that all of those people died in that terrorist incident. Get over yourself George.


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