Thursday, November 4, 2010

I Hope These Folks Found What They Were Looking For...

A few of the search terms that have brought people to this blog:

  • man and women naked showing real penis and vagina while doing sex
I imagine this person first typing in "porn" and being dissatisfied with the results, then typing in, "man and women doing sex" and being dissatisfied again, then trying "man and women naked while doing sex" and just getting increasingly frustrated with each attempt. 

That paragraph alone is going to dramatically increase the number of hits I get from people looking for porn, isn't it?

  • furry snakes vagina toilet bathroom
I think this person was looking for porn. I really can't think of what else could inspire such a search.

  • five things you need to make an milkshaken
I have no clue what connection there is between "five things you need to make an milkshaken" and anything I've written. On the other hand, I know which post drew this search:
  • mountain climbing 
(this post). I just can't imagine how many search results someone has to wade through before they reach my  blog. Twice.

  • anchysterical msrissa

This seems to be a common combination of typos. It brought people to my blog three times over the last month.

  • picture of half girl half monkey
I was surprised that people google such things. I really shouldn't have been.

  • feminism and its ruins on society
It is deeply satisfying to me to imagine how disappointed this person would be once they started reading this.

Post idea from Holly at Pervocracy. Her search terms are more amusing than mine. I have about four different posts in the works (ADD is fun!) so keep watching this space for updates!


  1. So what ARE the five things you need to make a milkshaken? Don't leave us hanging, anchysterical msrissa!

  2. I love reading these types of posts. The things people look up always fascinates/terrfifies me. What a world.


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